Gleaning means “to gather what is left”
In this case, we're talking about food.


The Association of Gleaning Organizations builds the capacity of organizations recovering fresh fruits and vegetables from farms, gardens, and backyards across North America. By engaging communities to harvest surplus produce, vulnerable populations are provided with increased access to wholesome foods. Our network of gleaning organizations is adaptable, sustainable, and connected.


  • Create a hub to support and connect.
  • Create a shared, data-informed story that tells the impact of gleaning. 
  • Educate the public and funding resources about gleaning and its potential impact
  • Provide opportunities to network and communicate among members.
  • Create a platform to share financial and programmatic resources. 

How We Came To Be

We currently know of 152 organizations doing some sort of gleaning work in the United States. These organizations are diverse in size, location, type of work and reasons for doing the work, yet all are dedicated to gathering food from previously unused resources in order to feed those in need. From harvesting fruit off of urban trees in homeowners’ backyards, to partnering with rural large-scale farmers to collect what is left after their initial harvest, these organizations have a very creative way of reducing food waste and getting fresh quality produce to those in need.

As organizations across the country become aware of one another, our mutual feelings of isolation and untapped resources led us to host the first Gleaning Symposium in 2017. At this gathering, the increased impact of sharing resources and connecting to similar organizations became apparent. In 2018, we decided to form a member-led association that would centralize our efforts, advance the gleaning movement, and speak for gleaners as a whole.

The Association of Gleaning Organizations, builds the capacity of gleaning entities to provide healthy food access to vulnerable populations while reducing food waste and connecting communities. Our network of gleaning organizations is adaptable, sustainable, and connected. Currently our work consists of: facilitating connections  between gleaning organizations, hosting monthly calls, and an annual conference held in a different region of the country each year. 

Year-end Report

2020 Report

Formation of our board, fully formed programs, COVID-19 pivots, and some new ideas.

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