Gleaning Program Design

As part of our nonprofit gleaning webinar series, Karen Clay takes us through the steps necessary to design an impactful gleaning program.

Steps to Design Your Program(s):

Step 1 : Understand your Mission, Vision, and Values

Purpose – Why does your business exist?
Mission – What does your business do?
Vision – Where is the business going?
Values – Who are you and what values do you hold? What’s your company culture?

Step 2: Define Objectives and Key Results for the next 12 months

Objectives – Description of something you would like to achieve in the future. Sets the direction like a destination on a map. They should NOT be technical or contain a metric. Aligned, directional, high impact, inspirational, time-bound, understandable, within the circle of influence.

Key Results – A measurable outcome is required to achieve the objective. Key results have a metric with a start and target value. They are used to measure progress towards an objective. Ambitious, high impact, measurable, specific, time-bound, within the circle of influence.

Step 3: Program Design Supporting Objectives and Key Results

Combine it all and design a program that supports your mission, values, objectives, and key results. See the PowerPoint slides from this webinar for more details.