2023 International Gleaning Symposium
May 3-5 2023

The 2023 Internation Gleaning Symposium

We are excited to announce that the 2023 International Gleaning Symposium will take place on May 3-5, 2023, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  This Event will be held in conjunction with Tikkun Ha-Ir.  The Symposium will be held at Plymouth Church
2727 E Hampshire St, Milwaukee, 53211. We are so excited to bring this event to the Midwest for the first time and hope to see you all there.  For Symposium highlights including workshops click here. 

2023 Symposium

May 3rd - 5th

What's the issue?

There are 41 million people who go hungry in our country every day, and there are many more who can’t afford to eat nutritious foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables. It is well documented that those who don’t, or can’t, eat nutritious foods are more vulnerable to serious health complications. To make matters worse, 10 million tons of fresh, quality fruits and vegetables are going to waste via our nation’s farms each year

What we are doing about it.

Each year, organizations, lawmakers, and food waste activists from around the country will unite to initiate and inspire action that will build the bridge between food waste and hunger on a national level. Gleaning organizations around the country have begun to plant and nourish seeds that have the potential to grow into solutions to both food waste and equitable nutrition. Gleaning is the act of harvesting produce (farms, gardens, backyards, etc.) before it goes to waste and providing it to those in need. 

What it looks like.

Each year speakers from around the country present and share ideas on how to organize and improve gleaning programs, empowering our members to strengthen their communities while reducing food waste. 2019’s event in Seattle, Washington sold out. With 75 participants representing 50 organizations, 33 of these participants came on scholarships. In 2021, we got together virtually.  Recordings of the 2021 sessions can be found below.

This conference is part of a larger effort of our association to grow the gleaning movement to improve and increase the nutritional value of food accessible to our most vulnerable community members. We know we are strongest when we work together and share knowledge and resources freely. Together, we are striving to build a movement that understands the importance of not just the calories provided, but the abundance of benefits that come with access to nutritious food1

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