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Member expectations:

As a member you are expected to be actively involved in the work of gleaning unharvested and unsold produce. You could be actively gleaning food, running a gleaning organization, or providing services and support to gleaners. All members are expected to be champions of gleaning, food waste reduction, community building, and/or providing access to wholesome foods. Members should be actively engaging with other members of the organization and the association’s programmings. We define actively engaged as engaging 3-5 times a year with AGO and it’s members. Members are expected to share ideas with others and participate in the Association’s efforts to collect data needed to tell a shared story about gleaning and its impact.  This association is member lead so you may be asked from time to time to share your expertise or serve on a board or committee. 

Member benefits:

  • Access to our Mentorship Program
  • Access to our Small Groups
  • One on one mentoring, advice, and connections to other gleaners facilitated by our Executive Director
  • Free printable and shareable PDF of the 2020 Gleaning Census sent to you. Non-members will be able to view the report but will not be able to print or download it.
  • All the pride your little heart can hold for being a FOUNDING MEMBER of AGO!!!

By completing this purchase you are saying that you have read and accepted the AGO Membership Agreement, found on our Membership Page.


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