Shawn Peterson

Shawn Headshot

Shawn Peterson is a 6th generation farmer who has worked in many different aspects of the food system; a waiter, dish washer, whole sale food distributor, farmers’ market manager, baker, restaurant owner, and of course, a farmer. 

Shawn’s work in Food Justice and Health Equity started when he founded the Green Urban Lunch Box a multi-faceted urban agriculture program based in Salt Lake City. Shawn’s work in the gleaning space started in 2013 through a Green Urban Lunch Box program called FruitShare. He’s a founding member of the International Gleaning Symposium and the Association of Gleaning Organizations.  Shawn has been honored by the Wallace Foundation’s Food System Leadership Network for his work. 

When he is not growing food Shawn loves to spend time exploring nature and the planet with his wife and 3 small children.