Lisa DeSantis

Lisa DeSantis (she/her) is cofounder and manager of the Kōkua Harvest program for The Food Basket on Hawaiʻi Island.  During her two-year service with AmeriCorps, Lisa worked on a healthy food access initiative and became deeply involved in issues related to food production, distribution, and access. She joined the Hawaiʻi Island Food Alliance and her experiences there ignited her passion for working towards a more sustainable and equitable food system with a focus on food waste prevention and food recovery. She has worked with a variety of organizations and community groups to develop and implement programs that improve access to healthy food in underserved areas. Lisa’s efforts have also focused on multi-modal transportation advocacy, as she recognizes the crucial role that transportation plays in ensuring access to healthy food. Lisa was a member of AGO’s inaugural mentorship program cohort and is excited to give back to AGO by serving as a board member.