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Learn Through Others Mistakes

Have you ever worked feverishly on solving a problem that was unique to your organization? Have you then found that that someone else, working with a similar organization in a different city, had solved that same problem the year before? We aim to eliminate duplicated work by sharing resources and staying connected. Our coffee chats focus on a different topic each month that poses relevant to gleaning organizations around the country. Previous topics include: CRM management/options, legal questions, volunteer management through COVID, anything relevant to our members. 


Coffee Chats take place once a month and the topic is decided ahead of time. While there is no formal format, and each chat is based around the needs of that topic, generally you can count on outside professionals, speakers, and/or experts in specific areas speaking for the first half of the call. The second half is your time to ask questions, connect with, and learn from one another.


There will not be a Coffee Chat in November.  The next Coffee Chat is December 16, 2021 11am PST/2pm EST. Please feel free to email your questions in advance through our “Contact Us” page and register for the Zoom meeting here. 

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